706: The Art of the First Impression

We’re not sure why people aren’t responding to us.

We think we’re good at reading people. 

On today’s episode, we are discussing how to make the best first impression. Whether you’re a CEO trying to better connect with your employees, an introvert wishing to project a bit more confidence, or maybe you judge people the second you see them coming (ps., they see you too) this conversation will provide insights you can apply to your goal. 

The Cheat Sheet

  • What are the 4 layers of first impressions?
  • Why is focusing on other people’s body language a fool’s errand?
  • How do we reverse our primal instinct to mirror other people’s behaviors?
  • What was AJ’s first impression of Johnny, and vice versa?
  • Why is our gut based in fear and how do we ignore its voice?
  • And so much more…

Full show notes at https://theartofcharm.com/podcast-episodes/art-of-charm-podcast-the-art-of-first-impression-706/

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