771: Dealing with Competition, Codependency and High Value Conversations – Q&A with Erin Muroski

Most of us will never undergo professional training in the world of improve and yet we engage in improv almost every day because life is improv – so why should you consider taking an improv class, how does improv relate to self-development, and how can an improv mindset help you to relax in social situations?

What to Listen For

  • How do you compete in a place like Hollywood with people who claim to be or do things that they don’t even do?
  • How should you approach a conversation with someone you look up to when meeting for the first time and why is it such a bad idea to be a fanboy/girl in such a situation?
  • What should your mindset be when first meeting someone and what mindset will likely lead to an undesirable outcome?
  • What is the value in learning improv and how does it relate to your path of self-development?
  • Why is it counterproductive to try to be funny in improv?
  • What signs of codependency can you look for early on in a relationship and what can you do to course correct at that point?
  • How can a relationship become codependent and what can you do to prevent it?
  • How do you make people want to be around you or simply notice you?
  • What can you do to make a great first impression?
  • How can you fix a bad first impression?
  • What can you do to be confident without coming across as arrogant?
  • How do you attract people who want the same things you want out of a fling or relationship?

Improvisational comedy (aka “improv”) is all about going with the flow, and when it comes to life, it is much easier to use the flow of a river to your advantage rather than trying to swim upstream or control the path of the river itself. And this idea applies directly to the conversations we have with people, especially when first meeting someone. Many of you will want to control the direction of a conversation and make sure you are able to highlight the good things about you and what you’ve done, rather than listen to what the other person says and allow the conversation to flow naturally by asking sincere questions and relating to what they’re saying without domineering the discussion itself.

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