Fan Mail Friday #145 | Less Brutal

Time for Fan Mail Friday, where we’ll be answering your questions and dropping some knowledge and feedback to help you kick the weekend off right. We’re trying to keep this a little lighter than last week’s episode because we don’t have Linda Carroll on deck to help us with the heavy lifting. But you should give it a listen here if you missed out because she was amazing, as always. But this is now, and here we are! In this episode: Moving to a new town to make a fresh start? We’ve all been there. Here’s what worked for us. How can you bond with a younger sibling who’s going through the teen angst phase? When networking, how do you find a balance between leveraging great opportunities while increasing your demand? Are your cold-shouldered coworkers worth trying to warm up? If you said I had a beautiful body, should I hold it against you? Here’s a trick for joining a group discussion without feeling like you’re interrupting or just being awkward. What do you do when you find out you’re the red-flag person people are always being warned away from? Documentary of the Week: Weird Wonders of the World Quick shoutouts to Travis Chappell and Nick Rave! Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at! Connect with Jordan on Twitter at @TheArtofCharm and Instagram at @jordanharbinger, and check out Jason’s (@jpdef) other show: Grumpy Old Geeks. Full show notes at Find out more about the team who makes The Art of Charm podcast here! With an unmatched selection of audiobooks, original audio shows, news, and comedy, Audible is your best source for summertime entertainment. Art of Charm listeners: start a 30-day trial and download your first audiobook for free by going to here! Listen to The Art of Charm, The Federalist Radio Hour, and hundreds of your favorite podcasts with the free PodcastOne app (on iOS and Android) here! Does your business have an Internet presence? Now save a whopping 50% on new webhosting packages here with HostGator by using coupon code CHARM! Take the Art of Charm Challenge by clicking here, or text AOC to 38470. We’ll take you step by step to becoming better at making personal and professional connections, becoming a better networker, increasing your personal social capital and charisma. This is for both men and women! HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! If you dig the show, please subscribe in iTunes and write us a review! This is what helps us stand out from the crowd and help people find the credible advice they need. Review the show in iTunes! We rely on it! Stay Charming!

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