How To Ask Better Questions with Laura Beil

Storytelling might seem like a skill reserved for dinner parties and family gatherings, but we actually use it in our everyday lives, many times without really knowing it – so what can you do to be more aware of when you’re using it, when you should be using it, and how not using it could be leading you to miss out on crucial opportunities for professional and personal growth?

What to Listen For

  • How did Laura Beil get her start in podcasting?
  • What level of skepticism around the modern healthcare system is appropriate in today’s day and age where you can find countless horror stories throughout the internet?
  • How can you guide people you’re interviewing to tell better stories in response to your questions?
  • What kinds of questions can you ask someone if you want more in-depth answers or explanations?
  • How can you improve your empathy in situations where you’re listening to someone talk about a tragic event in their life?
  • What can you do to bring fresh energy into meetings with your storytelling skills?
  • How do you keep a conversation interesting and lively for hours with someone you have little to nothing in common with?

We use storytelling abilities in our everyday lives because we are either asking other people about themselves or vice versa. A good storyteller knows how to answer questions in a way that intrigues people and keeps them engaged in a conversation as well as ask people the right questions that get them to open up and feel comfortable talking about themselves, both of which deepen the connection between them.

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